Cookie policy

This arrangement was last updated on January 1, 2015.

What are cookies?

Many websites you visit save small text files to your computer. Such files are called 'cookies'. Cookies are not an active, running software and therefore not harmful to your computer. They are also not always of a commercial nature. They contain information such as, for example, the language preference of the surfer, so that he can not enter that information again on a subsequent visit to the same website. Some cookies make a website appear graphically neat, others that a website application is working properly. If you do not want a website to place cookies on your computer, you can configure your browser.

What are cookies?

There are 3 types of cookies.

Type 1. Necessary cookies

These cookies are required to maintain settings or preferences while visiting the website or for a subsequent visit. For example, if you do not want to keep your website usage from a particular website by means of cookies, then that website may "remember" by placing a so-called "necessary cookie." Without these cookies, you would be bothered every time with the same questions.

Type 2. Cookies for site research

There are cookies that tell the website which pages you are viewing, in which order, and how long. This allows web statistics to be made that can help to better match the website to visitors. Similarly, cookies are for example to keep online surveys.

Type 3. Cookies from third-party websites

Certain parts of the website put third-party websites cookies. There are then handy extras: such as a Google Map with interactive directions, Facebook's "Like" button, or the ability to tweak. These cookies "know" the website you're viewing, whether you're signed in to Google, Facebook or Twitter.

No personal data

Cookies as used on our website do not contain personal information. Such cookies can not be used to identify yourself.

Do you have any complaints about cookies?

If you look at a page on our website, you will be asked if you accept cookies or not. What are cookies from types 2 and 3 from "What are cookies?" Above. As long as you do not make a choice, or if you choose "No, I do not accept these cookies," we will only add Type 1 cookies. You can always change your cookie preference later.

Do you want to exclude cookies entirely? This can be done through your browser settings (internet program). More information about cookies and disabling cookies can be found on the website, /, or

Which cookies places our website?

Below you can see which cookies we place for each of the 3 types of "What do cookies?" Above.

Necessary cookies (Type 1)

The cookies are required to provide the services offered by our website, to create an account and to log in and to attach you to a follow-up visit to our website. If you choose "No, I do not accept these

cookies", you can not use the website.

Website search cookies (Type 2)

Our website collects data about anonymous statistics about your visits. This happens with Google product Google product.

The website works with cookies and javascript codes to save the following information:

  1. The IP address of your ISP;
  2. The browser you are using (like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox);
  3. From which page did you come to our website;
  4. When and how long you visit our website;
  5. Which pages you look at on our website.

These cookies can be refused without affecting the operation of the website.

Third Party Website Cookies (Type 3)

Our website does not use third party websites that leave cookies.